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Fran damage

So eventually CrossFit’s notorious workout named Fran came around at Kia Kaha. One of the benchmark WOD’s, this short and very taxing workout showed her face at our gym. I have to be honest I was very excited as I have never attempted it prescribed. Last time Fran came around I had had issues with my lower back so lightened up the weight  and the time before that I was unable to do the pull ups without a band.

So Fran showed her face this week and it was my rest day, as tempted as I was to join in the 5pm class I held back and swore to myself that the next morning I would have Fran for breakfast. Coach J, Coach H and myself on friday morning polished our knuckles and got all wrapped up in Fran! boom! Was aiming for under 10mins, secretly hoping for 8mins. 🙂

I have been feeling strong lately and I know my pull ups were sweet, so was heading into it thinking I wanted at least 11 thrusters before I put the bar down…… and atleast 11 pullups unbroken……the rest my friend is history. Finished in 6mins 45s!!! So very happy about my time. Felt fast and strong and tip top for around 10mins after. Then it hit, I felt sick, dizzy and extremely tired, what’s up with this horrible exhaustion that hits me 10mins after I train!! Took about 2hours for me to feel normal again. Fran I am happy to say you kicked my butt.



Thrusters 30kg


6mins 45

This is not a thruster I just liked the picture


Braining about ketosis and fasting

I know , I know, I don’t think braining is a word. I just been reading and studying some articles about Ketones and ketosis. So my brain has been studying , hence ‘braining’ !!  For me once something grabs my attention there is no going back. I came across the section in the book The Primal Blueprint about Ketones and it just sent me on a mission to discover more……(If you have no idea what ketones are click on the linked word below and discover them.)

It got me thinking about body sculptors and how they trim right down in the last couple of weeks before competition. Now I have more of an understanding about how fueling your body works I can see it being not too hard to accomplish this tweak in eating before my body figure competition… Use Ketones to your advantage: Ketones

Then I found this article about a diet that helped people with epilepsy have less seizures and even sometimes  have them dissappear!  The crazy thing is it is just a version of the Primal diet , check out the bit that mentions coconut oil!  Pretty outstanding stuff I think, and I wonder how many people try this way of eating rather than use the drugs now???

Ok so my rant is over. I need some fueling and a break from braining…..think it may just be smoothie time.


10 x 100 meter sprints with 30secs rest each time

WOD, PM (taken from CrossFit NZ website )

Power Cleans 3reps @ 35kg,

2reps @40kg,

1rep @ 45kg,

1rep @ 47kg Did not make,

1rep @ 45kg,

15 reps unbroken @ 30kg x 2

I’m wanting to get to that 50kg mark, cleaning my weight would be freakin awesome, something to aim for……