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Chk Chk Boom! That was insane, shall I pass out now?

Howdy everyone!

Summers almost here and I’m still fighting for those abs 🙂 Its been a great month at Kia Kaha CrossFit. So many new faces and so many crazy throw downs….. Loving the energy and the team vibe. The coaches rock, and the members are insane, well in a good way that is! Everyone is reaping the benefits already, with many kilos lost and healthy eating patterns all round. The energy of everyone has rubbed off on me too, and I feel my training is just getting better all the time.

I have always pushed myself in workouts, I think the boxing helped in that, but lately I think maybe I am pushing some new boundaries, at least I hope I am. There’s been a lot more of completing a workout and feeling sweet for about 1 min and then it kicks in…..that horrible feeling:  “oh crap, I’m not feeling so great, hummm, I need to lay down, yup, light headed, oh man, am I gonna vomit?…..” then it passes and I stand up only to find: ” erg, hold on, I think I need to lay down some more…..”

Yeah, you know that feeling, I’m sure we have all been there many a time. It just seems to me, I’m there WAY more often than I used to be. I hope this means I’m working harder and just generally pushing my own limits .

Pretty much says it all

It kinda brings me to the point too, of what to eat straight after a WOD. Believe me, there is nothing worse than having that feeling you need some sugar and not getting it. But, you are eating paleo, that means you cant get that quick sugar fix, or can you? Do you need some carbs? protein? what?  You don’t want to ruin all that hard work and eat the wrong thing. So what do you do? Well, I think I have found what works for me.

The truth is after a workout is the best time for protein synthesis. Eat some thing with a high Protein content within 30-60mins of a workout. It is also beneficial to add in some simple sugars, although I don’t mean grab a chocolate bar, eat some fruit instead. The point here is keep it to paleo/primal, don’t start eating crap for that quick fix.

I find a quick protein shake is about all I can handle after a workout, although sometimes if it is super intense and I get the mean shakes (most the time, haha)  i’ll down a handful of grapes and a dried fig.  Usually the protein shake does its job sweet and is super easy to digest especially when you to sick to eat! Check out some reading on mark’s daily apple ….

As I found lately, be prepared! Don’t come to the gym do a massive workout and then feel like you gonna faint and grab sweets because you aren’t prepared. Think about it people!!  Let me know your thoughts, and what food you think works for you…


Sore muscles? No, sore throat .

Well that’s kinda not true. My muscles are sore too. This week has been a bit of a half arsed week. Plagued with a sore throat on and off and feeling not so great I haven’t been training everyday, but then, when I thought I have felt better I decided to smash some WOD’s. I now choose to rest again instead of 5km run as feeling the cold get to my lungs. Don’t want that broncitis back.

But this brings me to the question, how sick do you have to be to not train? Where do you draw the line, and how do you know when you can start back again?  Seems like everyone has their own opinion, I’m definitely not in favour of the ‘sweat a cold out’ theory. But I only started with a sore throat, does that mean I shouldn’t train? For me I think the answer is “yes, don’t train”. But it is so hard to know the line to cross as it is always different. One thing is for sure, not training sucks, I feel cheated on. Then again look at the big picture; a couple of days off in a row now, or a week or two off down the line when I get super sick.

Maybe this sweet horrible WOD yesterday showed me I really should of rested more.

  • 10 Situps
  • 10 Back extensions
  • 30 Thrusters (40kg/25kg)
  • 50 Pull ups
  • 30 Situps
  • 30 Back extensions
  • 20 Thrusters
  • 35 Pull ups
  • 50 Situps
  • 50 Back Extensions
  • 10 Thrusters
  • 20 Pull ups 19min 46                                                                                                                                                                            Maybe resting all weekend will give me a chance to finally say good bye to this evil cold/cough/sore throat/ pain in the arse annoying thing. So that finally I can get back on track and work on dominating the world again.


This week has been amazing and so exciting. But past by in a blur of madness……Last Friday Kia Kaha CrossFit opened its doors to us. 6am the first brave people walked in their doors to de-virginize (made that one up) the clean new floor, to be the first to chalk their handprints.

Head coach Jamie decided to pull something awesome out the hat for the first WOD. Take a glimpse of it here at 1st WOD. Everyone pushed hard and had a great time.

Since then the days have flown by and this weeks training has been the best in ages for myself. To feel part of a community again, to feel pushed to the point where I think I can’t carry on, to have a coach , to vibe off the others and see some amazing people has just been AWSOMENESS!!!!

Oh and lets not forget wednesday when front squats, frogs leaps up hill and sit ups kicked everyones butt, so much so that it is friday and walking down stairs is still near impossible. Hello DOMS. Goodbye walking properly. haha.

The rest of my busy week has been training others, writing people menu plans, getting my sponsor gear from Under Urmour, and finishing off by making a delicious Primal Birthday cake for my wonderful fiance!  YUM.

Busy Muchly!

Wow, it has been an exciting couple of weeks and soooo many more exciting things to come. Firstly we have Fight Gone bad this coming Saturday at CrossFit NZ. Raising money for charities around the world, it happens yearly and the whole CrossFit community gets involved. FGB is a knarly workout, one to be loved but feared when you know how terribly hard it is. I’ll be trying to gets some pics of this weekend so I can post up on my blog showing the awesome effort everyone puts in. I am also excited to see some faces I haven’t seen in awhile and just have the fun vibe rub off on me.

The other majorly exciting thing is…… Kia Kaha CrossFit has taken me on as a sponsored athlete!!! Serious!! They will be supporting me in my future competitions, being my strength and conditioning coaches for what ever venture is ahead of me. This is just amazing and I still can’t get over it. The gym opens early October and I am as excited as a little kid at xmas!!

Now as to body figure comps, don’t worry I am still going ahead with this idea. Unfortunately I have missed the comps this year as I didn’t really know when they were when I signed up for this challenge.

Humm, what else? Arrr, had some amazing CrossFit Style photos taken by a Uni Student that I will post up on here too. Was a lot of fun doing the shoot.  So keep an eye out for those… Been writing menu plans for friends and others who are trying to understand Paleo eating. This has been quite challenging and very time consuming, but is giving me a refresher as to why I eat as I do. Which by the way is going great. Tonight’s dinner of fresh baked salmon, roasted cauliflower and salad was just tasty.

Ok, signing out, it’s getting late. Catch you soon….

It’s been ages!

Don’t worry I haven’t disappeared ! I am here! Internet at home has been off for a couple of weeks so hence the no posts on my blog. Training has been great all round. Setting some new PBs which is always awesome motivation, and feeling  general good vibes from all my buddies. Spring is in the air, well, just…

Two of my new PB’s are : Thruster @ 45kg and Strict Push-Press @ 37.5kg…..

One thing I’m really looking forward to is the new CrossFit Kia Kaha opening up in Auckland City. Opening in early October it means a new place for me to train at that has like minded people around, something I have missed like crazy since training at a regular gym. I can’t wait to throw down some moves at a CrossFit gym and gain some new friends!!! Also keep watching this space as I may soon have some exciting extra news about this……  🙂

Signing out for now; nasty but nice WOD coming up tonight…..