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Birkenhead Games Day

Wowser, Saturday was just an amazing day. Seeing so many fit men and women in one space. The vibe was great and the workouts were awesome. Crossfit Birkenhead put on a great day for us all. Check out the workouts :

Event 1:

8 Shoulder to overhead (40/25)

8 Kettlebell swing (24/16)

8 Burpee

8 minute AMRAP

Event 2:

Maximum consecutive double unders.

Immediately following Event 1, you have 3 minutes to attempt maximum consecutive double unders.  You may attempt as many times as you like within the 3 minutes.

Event 3:

Run 3k

Location: Onepoto Domain

Event 4:

Clean and Jerk up to 15 reps

You will preform consecutive reps up to a maximum of 15.  Choose your weight, each successful lift will go towards your total weight lifted. The bar must not rest on the floor (must touch and go each rep) Hands must stay in contact with bar throughout.  Eg; you use 70kg and drop a clean after completing 10 reps, score =700kg.

Event 5 (final)

Pull up 10 to 1

Front Squat (60/40) 1 to 10

This was my third CrossFit comp and the level of competition was outstanding! For me this was the best I have ever competed, I felt super fit and even surprised myself with my strength. After WOD 1 and 2 I was sitting in 2nd. Pretty happy with that. Then came the 3km run. We all trundled to the park for two laps around the lake..

The sun was shining and everyone feeling in a good mood, my first nerves were gone. Sitting on the heels of Pip and Lou from CFNZ the whole first lap and half of the second eventually overtaking Lou and pulling away infront. I made sure I was just behind Pip who had now caught up to Debs infront of her. There was about a quarter of the way to go and it was a real battle in my head to keep up. Lungs burning and legs wanting to slow we pushed on. The last straight coming up it was hard to know when to pull out the after burners and sprint! The 3 of us had a mad battle right to the end line….. I really thought I had got them just at the end, but unfortunately I was put in last…..

Lunch time! Feeling like we had been hit by a bus, the Kia Kaha crew was sitting well in the comp. Jamie in 1st, me in 4th, Nick, Hala and Big Dave not far behind.

Napping wasn’t an option, soon after re-fuelling it was time to step up again.

Afterburners kicking in!Me and Hala totally botched the 4th workout going WAY to light on our clean and Jerks. I went for 30kg! WTF! I dunno I hadn’t done the maths. 35kg should have been me. I finished too fast and too easy. This was my down fall into not placing in the top 3.

Top 8 women into the final I knew I had to pull out all the stops. The workout was good,( read ‘evil’), but the weight was heavy! 40kg front squats, 55reps of them!!! The pull-ups were easy, the squats, not so much. Especially when its 78% of your body weight! I think I finished 4th out of the 8. It wasn’t enough to place me in the top 3. One point away from 3rd place, me and Debs shared the 4th place spot just behind Pip! If only I hadn’t messed up my Clean and Jerk.

All in all the day was amazing and everyone did so well. Big shout out to our KKCF team. Jamie placed 3rd overall, Hala, Nick and Big Dave representing. We had an awesome support crew too. Big ups to Dave too, his first comp, he has only been training for a few weeks at CrossFit and completed it RxD! WOW! Watch out for this one!

Check out the photo below, my last rep of the last workout, I’ve never been so close to crying in a WOD. The emotions of Nick too just show how much we all support each other. Without this support I don’t think we would get half as far as we do.

"I want this to end"


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  1. Baby doll you were inspirational! Wish I could run that fast! Great pics too 🙂 You have to give me some tips soon. Nice work.

    November 15, 2010 at 5:32 am

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