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Chk Chk Boom! That was insane, shall I pass out now?

Howdy everyone!

Summers almost here and I’m still fighting for those abs ๐Ÿ™‚ Its been a great month at Kia Kaha CrossFit. So many new faces and so many crazy throw downs….. Loving the energy and the team vibe. The coaches rock, and the members are insane, well in a good way that is! Everyone is reaping the benefits already, with many kilos lost and healthy eating patterns all round. The energy of everyone has rubbed off on me too, and I feel my training is just getting better all the time.

I have always pushed myself in workouts, I think the boxing helped in that, but lately I think maybe I am pushing some new boundaries, at least I hope I am. There’s been a lot more of completing a workout and feeling sweet for about 1 min and then it kicks in…..that horrible feeling:ย  “oh crap, I’m not feeling so great, hummm, I need to lay down, yup, light headed, oh man, am I gonna vomit?…..” then it passes and I stand up only to find: ” erg, hold on, I think I need to lay down some more…..”

Yeah, you know that feeling, I’m sure we have all been there many a time. It just seems to me, I’m there WAY more often than I used to be. I hope this means I’m working harder and just generally pushing my own limits .

Pretty much says it all

It kinda brings me to the point too, of what to eat straight after a WOD. Believe me, there is nothing worse than having that feeling you need some sugar and not getting it. But, you are eating paleo, that means you cant get that quick sugar fix, or can you? Do you need some carbs? protein? what?ย  You don’t want to ruin all that hard work and eat the wrong thing. So what do you do? Well, I think I have found what works for me.

The truth is after a workout is the best time for protein synthesis. Eat some thing with a high Protein content within 30-60mins of a workout. It is also beneficial to add in some simple sugars, although I don’t mean grab a chocolate bar, eat some fruit instead. The point here is keep it to paleo/primal, don’t start eating crap for that quick fix.

I find a quick protein shake is about all I can handle after a workout, although sometimes if it is super intense and I get the mean shakes (most the time, haha)ย  i’ll down a handful of grapes and a dried fig.ย  Usually the protein shake does its job sweet and is super easy to digest especially when you to sick to eat! Check out some reading on mark’s daily apple ….

As I found lately, be prepared! Don’t come to the gym do a massive workout and then feel like you gonna faint and grab sweets because you aren’t prepared. Think about it people!!ย  Let me know your thoughts, and what food you think works for you…


3 responses

  1. Good post!
    Sounds like you’re smashing yourself HARD. I like! I completely agree that Post Workout Shaking/Refueling is a must

    If I can, I want to add what I’ve been playing with the past few weeks to assist my recovery (cos you and I both know it has been RATSHIT in the past).

    Since I’m zoning, a protein shake on its own just doesn’t cut it, so we gots to have something with fat AND carb PWO (post workout). That’s easy enough with berries and some olive oil or nuts thrown in.
    Adding carbs PWO has really helped my recovery, especially after a killer WOD.
    If I can stomach it when I get home I’ll go a shake and a wee baked kumara or a banana.

    Because he said it best, I’ll quote from/steal from Chris Mason in the CFJ from back in March

    “The inclusion of a simple carbohydrate in the shake serves two (somewhat overlapping) purposes. First, it allows for a quick spike of blood glucose levels, which provides the hungry muscle cells the fuel they need to
    replenish diminished glycogen stores. Second, the same blood glucose spike triggers a strong insulin response by the body. Insulin is a very unique anabolic hormone, and one that must be harnessed to optimize the PWO response. Insulin has both direct and indirect effects on enhanced protein synthesis. In addition, insulin enhances glycogen synthesis and does so via a unique pathway from the aforementioned volumized cell response, thus
    providing for an additive effect. With insulin, the probability of supercompensation is significantly increased.

    Insulin and health are, of course, related. Many CrossFitters follow the Zone Diet, which advocates insulin control (including the avoidance of insulin spikes) for good health and body composition.”

    I also reckon when you’re smashing yourself at the level you guys/we are as often as we do it’s important to consider cortisol control (to prevent belly rolls and adrenal fatigue), and carbs+protein PWO have been proven to assist with that.

    For someone like me who struggles with recovery it’s worth a try!
    Much love

    November 3, 2010 at 10:22 pm

    • Thanks Ninja warrior for your input.

      Perfect. I like the way you think. Yup, for sure, those simple carbs are the bomb when you just nailed yourself. I like my grapes right now, sweet and juicy, love it.

      We got killed by “kelly” WOD today, jumped straight in that fridge and sucked my life away on some chopped fruit….wasn’t my fridge or fruit but hey, I was foraging…. haha

      thanks hot CrossFit chick. till next time ๐Ÿ™‚

      November 4, 2010 at 6:31 am

  2. Foraging! Haha! Love your work ๐Ÿ™‚

    November 4, 2010 at 9:16 am

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