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Sore muscles? No, sore throat .

Well that’s kinda not true. My muscles are sore too. This week has been a bit of a half arsed week. Plagued with a sore throat on and off and feeling not so great I haven’t been training everyday, but then, when I thought I have felt better I decided to smash some WOD’s. I now choose to rest again instead of 5km run as feeling the cold get to my lungs. Don’t want that broncitis back.

But this brings me to the question, how sick do you have to be to not train? Where do you draw the line, and how do you know when you can start back again?  Seems like everyone has their own opinion, I’m definitely not in favour of the ‘sweat a cold out’ theory. But I only started with a sore throat, does that mean I shouldn’t train? For me I think the answer is “yes, don’t train”. But it is so hard to know the line to cross as it is always different. One thing is for sure, not training sucks, I feel cheated on. Then again look at the big picture; a couple of days off in a row now, or a week or two off down the line when I get super sick.

Maybe this sweet horrible WOD yesterday showed me I really should of rested more.

  • 10 Situps
  • 10 Back extensions
  • 30 Thrusters (40kg/25kg)
  • 50 Pull ups
  • 30 Situps
  • 30 Back extensions
  • 20 Thrusters
  • 35 Pull ups
  • 50 Situps
  • 50 Back Extensions
  • 10 Thrusters
  • 20 Pull ups 19min 46                                                                                                                                                                            Maybe resting all weekend will give me a chance to finally say good bye to this evil cold/cough/sore throat/ pain in the arse annoying thing. So that finally I can get back on track and work on dominating the world again.

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