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Gimme Omelette Baby

Eggs. I love them! So versatile  and so tasty. I could eat eggs everyday, well, I pretty much do. Especially the good old fashioned omelette ( omlette? ).  I just have issues spelling the word not eating it.  I fill my tasty bunch of pancaked eggs with all sorts, bacon, chicken, beef, veggies, salad, last nights dinner….. the options are endless yet always tasty.

Think my fave this week was this:

2 Eggs

Dash of cream

Sprinkle of parmesan

Roasted Tomatoes

Spicy Sausage



Fresh black pepper

To make mine super fluffy and bouncy I cook the whisked up eggs and cream in a little frying pan so the bottom cooks, I then chuck the pan under a hot grill so the eggs puff upwards, then i add all the other ingredients on top and fold over. Check out the styley one below…… So next time you stuck for something tasty throw some random things in an omelette, it always ends up fantastic. Hail the egg!


tasty goodness



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