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This week has been amazing and so exciting. But past by in a blur of madness……Last Friday Kia Kaha CrossFit opened its doors to us. 6am the first brave people walked in their doors to de-virginize (made that one up) the clean new floor, to be the first to chalk their handprints.

Head coach Jamie decided to pull something awesome out the hat for the first WOD. Take a glimpse of it here at 1st WOD. Everyone pushed hard and had a great time.

Since then the days have flown by and this weeks training has been the best in ages for myself. To feel part of a community again, to feel pushed to the point where I think I can’t carry on, to have a coach , to vibe off the others and see some amazing people has just been AWSOMENESS!!!!

Oh and lets not forget wednesday when front squats, frogs leaps up hill and sit ups kicked everyones butt, so much so that it is friday and walking down stairs is still near impossible. Hello DOMS. Goodbye walking properly. haha.

The rest of my busy week has been training others, writing people menu plans, getting my sponsor gear from Under Urmour, and finishing off by making a delicious Primal Birthday cake for my wonderful fiance!  YUM.


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