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Busy Muchly!

Wow, it has been an exciting couple of weeks and soooo many more exciting things to come. Firstly we have Fight Gone bad this coming Saturday at CrossFit NZ. Raising money for charities around the world, it happens yearly and the whole CrossFit community gets involved. FGB is a knarly workout, one to be loved but feared when you know how terribly hard it is. I’ll be trying to gets some pics of this weekend so I can post up on my blog showing the awesome effort everyone puts in. I am also excited to see some faces I haven’t seen in awhile and just have the fun vibe rub off on me.

The other majorly exciting thing is…… Kia Kaha CrossFit has taken me on as a sponsored athlete!!! Serious!! They will be supporting me in my future competitions, being my strength and conditioning coaches for what ever venture is ahead of me. This is just amazing and I still can’t get over it. The gym opens early October and I am as excited as a little kid at xmas!!

Now as to body figure comps, don’t worry I am still going ahead with this idea. Unfortunately I have missed the comps this year as I didn’t really know when they were when I signed up for this challenge.

Humm, what else? Arrr, had some amazing CrossFit Style photos taken by a Uni Student that I will post up on here too. Was a lot of fun doing the shoot.  So keep an eye out for those… Been writing menu plans for friends and others who are trying to understand Paleo eating. This has been quite challenging and very time consuming, but is giving me a refresher as to why I eat as I do. Which by the way is going great. Tonight’s dinner of fresh baked salmon, roasted cauliflower and salad was just tasty.

Ok, signing out, it’s getting late. Catch you soon….


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