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DOMS, ouchies

Ha ha I have to laugh, I’m sore, everywhere! It’s a good feeling, but waddling like a duck isn’t so hot right now!! This weeks training has been so much fun. We used some of the workouts from CrossFit NZ‘s website. Also popped along there this morning to practice some things that I can’t do at the “regular” gym I train at. Was great to be surround by everyone from the CrossFit NZ gym as I miss training with like minded people. Good people, good vibe!! Thanks CFNZ.

Concentrated on wonderful wall balls and kipping pull-ups. Its been a few months now since busting out a kipping pull-up, just doing strict ones  has been amazing at strength increase and I got suprised by doing 9 strict in a row yesterday!! Sweet. Today the kipping felt fine, I was worried I would have lost some technique but seems that I have just gotten stronger 🙂

Check out what we did yesterday:

20mins to establish heaviest Thruster: 45kg


max pull-ups over 3 rounds: 9, 7, 6 = 22 (strict)

max ring-dips over 3 rounds: 9, 5, 5= 19 (shoulder to touch ring)

max pistols over 3 rounds: 62, 50, 36 = 148 (no more than 2seconds rest between each pistols)

total number plus thruster = 234

I have to say I was severely exhausted after this. Good times. Pretty pleased too as each part was a new PB for me!!! Ok, over and out for today, I want to rest…… I am pooped 🙂


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