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Fresh Air

Ahhhh, It’s a beautiful day in Auckland. The sun is shining and it is warm!!  Summer is on it’s way 🙂 Nothing better than to get outdoors and train. Sometimes a stuffy indoors training just doesn’t have the same feel. So I Stole this workout today from CrossFit StKildas website in OZ. I followed it up with some handstand push-ups practice 🙂


800m run ,

50 Double Unders , 5 Burpees

40 DU’s, 10 Burpees

30 DU’s ,15 Burpees

20 DU’s , 20 Burpees

10 DU’s , 25 Burpees

800m Run


Gymnastics Cert. with Jeff Tucker

Photo is from when Jeff Tucker came over with Jeannie to take us through our Gymnastics certificate. I have to say this was sooo much fun and I learnt so much from it. Learning to switch my core muscles on for absolutely everything I do….


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