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Is this heaven?

Ok, so it’s been ages since I blogged  (right word?). To be honest nothing too crazy has been happening to report and I have been too busy to sit down for long enough to write! It has been a week of tough training and sore muscles though.

That was until today……today I am in heaven, a heaven of happiness 🙂 🙂 🙂 Last week after my post I went to the gym to try my beautiful rings out. Nick said ” today is the day you do a muscle up”. I thought I’d be positive and give it a go, again. I did a couple with a jump into it. Then took a deep breath and hung from the rings and BAM a muscle up. Serious. I then rested and did another. POW. I then got tired and went home.

I have been living all week in fear that they were just random one offs and that it’s been too long and I couldn’t do another…..but off we went again on Saturday morning and hung up the rings. I didn’t let Nick know I literally felt sick coz I thought I wouldn’t be able to pump one out again. I couldn’t wait any longer so I gave it ago, fail, straight back on and BOOM, a muscle up! I needed proof for myself and of course this blog so gave Nick my camera.

Psyched myself up and KERPOW, 2 freakin’ muscle-ups, not one, but 2. Yeah boy. As I said before, is this heaven? I am soooo happy I feel like a fat kid in a bakery!!!  But waaaaaay more healthy.


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  1. you are my inspiration. for rizzle x

    August 14, 2010 at 1:38 pm

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