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Readers Response and my Explaination

Hey Emma,

Looks like your doing well with your training! Just a bit of advice on your background studying. Stay away from believing wikipedia it is not by any means a source of information with any clout, as in someone who got told a story could have just written that Ketone article and it kinda sounds like they did.

Low CHO high fat diet is not the way to go! It doesn’t make you burn fat faster, it is just a fancy way of saying your starving yourself.
Your body needs Glucose it is what your body runs on. Basicly if you were stuck in the desert with nothing but water your body would use up its CHO stores first then go on to using your tissues and fat stores to survive ultimately all your going to do if you don’t eat the right fuels is put yourself in a Ketogenic state.

So get ready for ….
a decrease in your performance ability as you body can’t utilise fat as a fuel at high intensity! (it must have glucose for exercise above 70% of submaximal intensity)
Ketogenic breath – smells like paint thinner and your body kinda smells weird also.
Lethargic feelings as your brain runs on Ketone bodies (not it’s preffered choice glucose).

Your Primal diet is good that is basicly the way we should live

No processed foods
good meat loads of fresh vegies and whole grains plenty of water and activity cause once upon a time we had to hunt that animal before we ate it!

Also who ever told you coconut milk is good lied. It is predominently saturated fat!!!!
A fat that you do not need at all in your body.
You do need fat but in the form of
Monounsaturated and deffinitly
That article about the coconut milk is also pretty redicuclous as well.
Saturated fat is bad we should have maximum 10 % of our total diet from that which would not be hard to get just from coconut milk before you look at the factors in your diet that its in.

The fact that it says it takes stress off the pancreas because it is high in saturated fat is beyond a joke, it’s 95% saturated fat!!
I would cut the coconut cream business asap

1 g 0f Fat gives you 37.8Kj
1 g of CHO gives you 16.8KJ

so you can eat double the amount of CHO based foods for the same amount of fat.

And fat is the least satisfying macronutrient. It is more palatible yes, but the reason people over eat fatty foods is it takes so long to digest people over eat it and then end up feeling full and bloated.

It’s the easiet equation under the sun

Energy in = energy out, to maintain weight, negative or positive on either side will give you loss or gain.

You need to work out the amount of energy you expend a day the amount of training and then get guidelines as to the amount of CHO and protein you need for that. If you want I have them just email me.

Once you have done that stick with your Primal foods in the correct amounts your on the right track but be careful to really look at the source of where your information comes from and how reputable it is before you believe it, the internet is a wonderful world of make beleive. 🙂

Hiya Zana

Thank you so much for you feed back, it is great to have someone say their own thoughts and give some advice!

And I’ll do my best to try and explain where i am coming from a bit more…  🙂

My little link to wikipedia was just so people could understand ketones in layman’s terms, I could spend a whole day getting scientific on the blog but that isn’t really my feel for this  blog at the moment. I read much more into scientific based evidence etc for my own research. If anyone else feels like learning more then they can feel free to study further themselves.  Plus this ketogenic state I’m referring to would only be beneficial one week out from competition, it is too dangerous to keep up constantly. Maybe I should have explained that In my blog…..??

And phew, I don’t know where to start with the rest of the response you have given me as to be honest I disagree with most of it!!  argh, sorry!  🙂

As you say the internet is full of a lot of misleading terms, totally true, this is why I have given a lot of my time recently to understanding fuelling my body better and researched it tremendously off my own back. Be warned, those things learnt at uni can also be misleading and a complete lie, as I found out about food and exercise too!!

I think you have the primal way of eating a little confused too. I’m talking about thousands of years ago before agriculture (agriculture only started some 10,000 years ago, not exactly primal), when man lived straight off the land. This means NO GRAINS! True primal. EAT MEAT,VEGETABLES, NUTS and SEEDS and some FRUIT.

To maintain my weight effortlessly all i need is 100-150g of carbs a day, I receive all these from the noted food above!! YAY!!

Grains (wheat, rice, corn, bread, cereal, pasta etc) drive  excess insulin production, fat storage, and heart disease. Wholegrains possibly worse as cause inflammatory response, immune and digestive disturbances. One super example of this is that i suffered from eczema and couldn’t work out how to get rid of it. Once I came off my wholegrains….da dah, no eczema. Seems simple hey, but it’s not just celiacs that suffer from eating grains etc, seems all human bodies do, just some of us don’t realise it.  Now my veggies give me all my nutrients I need  🙂  yum!

Ok, next point….. my body now is way more efficient at using its fat stores for energy. (Took about a week to get used to no grains) If you are seeing my pattern for training I am hardly, if ever doing an extended cardio session, my work outs are brief and INTENSE! Thus I am using my fat stores as a primary fuel. Fat burns well in the presence of oxygen! If I were to do extended cardio sessions I would have to increase my uptake of carbs respectively. But still, no grains!

Last but not least Coconut OIL as I mentioned in my last post, is dam near amazing!!  Yup it is mainly saturated fat BUT….it is one containing medium chain triglycerides which are metabolized quickly in  the body converting them to energy rather than storing them as fat!  Sounds great to me when fat is my primary source of fuel?? There are many other health benefits too but I think my response has been long enough already!!  Organic Virgin Oil only please though 🙂

P.s did I mention how great I feel after eating this way for 5 weeks? and did I mention my low body fat percentage and awesome muscles??  maybe I may just have to put up a picture to prove it???

Hope this helps you in understanding where i am coming from.???

And as an after thought, I fully understand Zana’s point of view and I do not want to come across as preachy. Everyone has to come to their own conclusions about this and believe me I am still learning myself. Maybe I will change my point of view again in the future? This has been an experiment for me, but maybe it will end up just being my normal way of life. But for now all I know is that my body feels great as does my mind, my training is going to plan and I’m having fun. I am super happy and loving life. I don’t think I need to ask of anything more.  🙂

Time for some Primal food…..


4 responses

  1. Holy Mackerel!

    Zana put a lot of thought into that, and great response on your part Emms!

    I would urge Zana to look at all of the amazing before and after pics of CrossFitters living Primally, drinking coconut milk smoothies for breakfast.

    Damn! Just look at the pictures of CrossFit NZ team members with their shirts off at the CrossFit games. Daz at CFNZ was the first person to advocate coconut milk and coconut oil to me.

    I’m with you all the way Emms. My body has never looked better than when I started eating loads more fats.

    An interesting link http://thehealthyskeptic.org/new-study-puts-final-nail-in-the-saturated-fat-causes-heart-disease-coffin
    (I’m sure you’ve already seen it)

    Science is finally proving what we already knew. Keep doing what you’re doing, you good thing x

    August 6, 2010 at 5:05 am

  2. Hey Emma, great blog.
    Just a question with regards to your eczema – is dairy also a problem for you – are you dairy free also? Or did your eczema clear up just going grain free?

    I’d suggest Zana has a look at the research on on paleo eating – in my experience so many things clear up with a paleo /primal diet it is extra-ordinary.

    Also read this article on grains – certainly put me off them.

    August 11, 2010 at 1:53 am

    • Hiya Julianne 🙂 How are you!?

      Good point actually, It may be the fact I cut back on dairy also. I have never been told that i was allergic to dairy or grains, I seemed to be “just fine” on both. Obviously something was irritating my skin because now it is super clear with no eczema. I have very small amounts of diary still as a touch of milk in my black coffee, or a tiny amount of hard cheese on my meatballs occasionally, or that ever so small bit of milk I eat when I treat myself with a little dark choc!!! But overall I guess yes, you could say I have cut out dairy. Oh and I do still have greek yoghurt too in small amounts.

      So I guess we can just come up with our own conclusions to this? Maybe it was grain, maybe it was dairy, maybe it was the combination of both, or maybe its clear because I love my coconut oil and coconut milk?? Hummmm……

      Either way my diet has obviously changed and my eczema gone 🙂 Hope this answers your question!

      August 11, 2010 at 3:06 am

  3. I’m excellent – thanks!
    Dr Rodney Ford has written a great little book called “Eczema – Cure It”. He finds there is a big link to gluten grains. I have also found that many people are really sensitive to diary. I think gluten is a biggy too – my dishydrotic eczema (which is supposed to be incurable) cleared up on a paleo diet (I do have a little cream, but not milk or other dairy)

    I was wondering if removing grains – especially the gluten ones allowed people to be more tolerant of dairy – but my guess is that there is an individual component, and diary and grain free is probably the best mix. Nice to hear of your experience – I have a client booked to see me soon with both eczema and asthma.

    August 11, 2010 at 3:20 am

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