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Tricky Over Head Squats

It’s been an awesome week of working out, I love just feeling well and fit, and super happy. 🙂 Something I think we forget to appreciate most of the time. So Friday night Me and Nick headed to the gym for some Over the head fun. Tweaked the workout named “Josh” and replaced the pull-ups with push-ups. Only changed it because we can’t do kipping pull-ups at the gym we go to, and that many strict ones would have taken days………

Loving the overhead squats though, I think I did ok, weighing only 50kg myself I managed to use a 30kg bar. It was slow but dam it felt good. I think it was probably the first time half the gym had seen what an overhead squat was by the weird stares we were getting.  Yeah people, try some real exercises and forget about those machines you sit on, how’s your core gonna activate on those !!!


21 Overhead Squats @ 30kg

42 Push-ups

15 OHS

30 Push-ups


18 Push-ups

12.45 mins


One response

  1. Yeyaaaa you showed them! 30kgs is massive. Ya tank!

    July 30, 2010 at 10:44 pm

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