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Tasty Tuesday

Had the meanest workout with my buddie Vann today. We broke it into 2 parts, I guess kinda like two mini WOD’S (workout of the day).

WOD 1:                                                                                   WOD 2:

21-15-9                                                                                    3 rounds for time

Handstand push-ups                                                                800m row

Dips                                                                                          50 back extensions

Push-ups                                                                                 50 sit-ups

12 mins                                                                                    24:24 mins

Vann smashed through the first handstand push-ups, head to floor each time. BOOM!  Mine are kinda half way there, something to work on….. Then we thought ‘this next one won’t take too long.’ Damn it the row was hard. My short limbs were screaming by the end row.   Fun times. Getting back into training is just making me feel alive again.

Also started reading the book The Primal BluePrint by Mark Sisson. Its all to do with getting our health  on track by going back to our primal eating ways. Its pretty eye opening. Also check out the rest of this awesome website on food ideas and daily life about being healthy. This guy has some amazing posts to read and has researched and lived this way for a long time. Trust me when I say it will make you think twice before you put that next slice of bread in your mouth…..


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