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Right, so , broncitis

Today was my first workout after about 3 weeks of absolutley nothing, and a couple of weeks before that of not much. Last weeks flu has gone, yippie! But my lungs are still screaming from Broncitis. I guess this is what it is like to be a smoker, but they choose this! Madness.

So todays workout was a “lets get moving, I’m kinda weak, kinda cant breath properly” workout. Easy does it as my lungs heal.

It SUCKED. I feel at square one. This is good in one respect because it means I can truly prove to you all that this challenge is truely a real challenge. My body is not already half way there. It is at the beginning. My strength is pretty average and my fitness is pretty low. Gimmie a week and i’ll push myself harder. But just for now, I gotta watch these lungs.



Push-Press @ 25kg

Push-ups (chest to floor)

KB Swings @ 16kg

9 mins

For those of you who need a little look at how CrossFit works or have absolutley no idea of what it is then check out the main website headquaters at http://www.crossfit.com/

Oh and coming in couple of days I will dare to put up a photo of myself so you can see the progression…..


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