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Ahhh, research

Ok, so I know I haven’t told anyone about this blog yet apart from the wonderful Nick (fiance) because I am sooo confused as to finding out which kind of contest I want to enter….

It’s been half a day of asking questions and looking into New Zealands competitions. Finally I think I have found the type of competition I want to enter.    NZFBB Body Figure Class.  It means I don’t have to do a ‘routine’ which was something I really didn’t wanna do!!

Take a peak at what is expected:

Bodyshaping/Fitness/Figure Rules

  • Bodyshaping competitions are for women who train
    but do not wish to gain muscle size, vascularity or “cuts”
    required for women’s bodybuilding competitions.
    Competitors displaying these attributes will be marked down.
  • Competitors are judged on athleticism of figure and tone and balance of body.
  • Judges will look for bodies typifying health, a low fat content,
    with firm and tight toned muscle groups and balanced body structure/symmetry.
  • In presentation the competitors’ grace, flow, style and confidence are important.

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